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Gino’s Big Adventure: Building a Personal Studio, Part 12

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If you can judge the health of the economy by the NAMM show, our industry seems to think we’re moving towards recovery. I base my own judgment on the schwag I get: In a good economy, the inside of my suitcase resembles a NASCAR when I come home, with tons of branded goodies that I pass along to my kids and students; When times are tough, I’m lucky to leave the show with a guitar pick.

This year, I flew home with a dozen T-shirts, several cloth bags, and, yes, a handful of plectrums. But looking at a more realistic set of measures, this year’s NAMM show was a biggie. Attendance was at an all-time high and there was no shortage of new product announcements. more

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Keep Your Date with the Muse


Today is the first day of the 2011 Winter NAMM show, where hundreds of my colleagues are gathering to share information about the latest products for music making. Many of us get a bit of gear lust as we walk the aisles of the Anaheim Convention Center, geeking out over the new toys and then scrambling to get the info into our newsletters, blogs, and tweets. It’s a fun show, especially when there are surprises.

At the same time, the NAMM show has this odd way of reminding me of how little time I spend with the gear I already have and, more importantly, on my own music. As a freelancer, the clock is always running as I cycle through numerous projects for waiting clients. Consequently, it’s difficult to find quality time for myself and my music. Like many of my friends in the biz, I’ve been seduced into various behind-the-scenes jobs so I could work in the music industry while continuing to do the music I love. But over the years the balance has begun to tilt to the point where work often keeps me away from my real passion for long stretches of time. more

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